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Dixons VARIO 2228 Autoclave

  • Introduction
    Dixon Surgical VARIO 2228 autoclave is heated by a single internal element. The temperature is controlled by the VARIO time and temperature control and PT100 probe. The VARIO 2228 is fitted with an automatic cut-out to prevent it boiling dry. Every autoclave is electrically tested in compliance with BS3456 Part 101 1987.

    Features and benefits
    - Variable Cycle Temperature
    - Variable Cycle Time
    - Four Preset Cycles
    - Variable Cycle Stored In Permanent Memory For Instant Recall
    - Soft Touch Control Pad
    - Wipe Clean Surface
    - Temperature Range 100ºC - 121ºC
    - Time Range 0 - 99 minutes
    - LED System Status Indicators
    - Compact And Fully Portable
    - Simple And Safe Use
    - Domestic Electricity Supply
    - No Plumbing Needed
    - Minimal Maintenance Required
    - Electrically Safe To BS3456
    - Lid Locking Safety To H&SE PM73
    - Produced Under ISO 9001
    - Suitable For Culture Media
    - 316 Stainless Steel Construction
    - 22 Litre Capacity
    - 280mm Internal Diameter
    - 21.0Kg Net Weight
    - CE Marked

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