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Thermo HERASAFE 2030i Biological Safety Cabinet YOM 2020, 1.5M wide

  • Thermo HERASAFE 2030i Biological Safety Cabinet YOM 2020, 1.5M wide, single HEPA exhaust filter with stand,

    The Herasafe 2030i series of biological safety cabinets leverages a legacy of global leadership in BSC design with breakthrough innovations to optimize contamination prevention, user convenience and information management, delivering the most technologically advanced Class II cabinets available.
    Equipped with “smart” self-monitoring safety features, intuitive graphic touchscreen interface and built in connectivity to preserve important performance data, the HeraSafe 2030i delivers performance with unmatched precision, for demanding cell culture applications and other sensitive work requiring assured safety for product, personnel and environment.
    SmartFlow Plus: This patented proprietary design automatically compensates to ensure perfectly balanced airflow rates irrespective of the loading condition of the protective HEPA filters or obstructions to the air vents. This means that with a Thermo Scientific BSC, the level of containment is consistent every day, not just on day one.

    •  Auto Adjusting Cross Beam UV
    • Touchscreen Graphical User Interface:
    • Full 316 Stainless Steel Interior
    • LED Interior Illumination
    • SmartPort Versatile Access
    • Cloud Ready Data Output

    · Optional Ergonomic Arm Rests

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