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Barnstead NANOpure UV Diamond Ultrapure Water System

  • Barnstead NANOpure UV Diamond Ultrapure Water System, bright LED display, RS232 output, display provides accurate readings of resistivity, conductivity, temp and TOC, water purity 18.2 megaohms-cm, TOC model with UV (D11951), 0.2um final filter, flow rate 1.5L/min.

    Additional Information for the Barnstead NANOpure

    The ideal system for your critical applications requiring 18.2 megaohm water with less than 2 ppb Total Organic Carbon. The water produced is perfect for applications requiring low organics including; High Performance Liquid Chromatography HPLC, Ion Chromatography IC, Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spec. GC/MS and TOC Determinations. A dual wavelength UV lamp oxidizes organics down to virtually undetectable levels and also maintains minimal bacterial levels within the system. The system alerts you when it is time to change the UV Lamp.


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