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copy of Thermo Autostainer 480S with Computer & Software, 2021

  • The Thermo Scientific™ Autostainer 480S is a standard immunohistochemistry staining system in a compact platform that provides flexible options to meet varied workflow needs. Autostainers are renowned for their consistency and reliability and are the most widely used IHC platforms worldwide.

    • One to 48 slide capacity, each individually programmable
    • User-specified protocols and choice of reagents
    • Can manage multiple staining runs per day and offers a truly hands-free, walk-away operation with advanced timer functions for overnight use
    • Easy, Windows™ XP Professional based programming with up to four units controlled from one PC
    • Complemented by the Thermo Scientific PT Module designed for fully automated simultaneous de-waxing and epitope recovery (PT Module also sold separately)
    • Fast flow, software logic enables flexible programming, operator ease of use and control of IHC costs
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