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Haier HR1200-IIA2 Biological Safety Cabinet YOM 2020, 1.2m wide

  • Haier HR1200-IIA2 Biological Safety Cabinet YOM 2020, 1.2m wide, utilises Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filter to provide high effiency and a reliable safe workplace environment. Appropriate for labs working in microbiology, biomedicine, biosafety, and other fields.

    Benefits of Haier HR1200-IIA2 Biological Safety Cabinet:-

    • The cabinet complies with EN 12469 standards and is a cost-effective solution as it lacks exterior ducting.
    • Ultraviolet light can be set with one single key to automate on/off time, and sterilization time interval from 0 to 24 hours, reducing downtime.
    • LCD screen displays various parameters and clear operational conditions.
    • Equipped with multiple visual and sound alert functions.
    • To achieve optimal performance with a low noise output and lower energy consumption, it uses energy-efficient DC fans and LED lights.

    Features of Haier Safety Cabinet:-

    • EN12469 Standard Certification from the EU.
    • Cleaner air and safer sample preparation are the results of the main filter’s incorporation of a glass fibre ULPA filter with a 99.9995% filtering efficacy for particles smaller than 0.12 microns.
    • EC fans run more quietly and evenly distribute airflow.

    Ext dims 1380W x 780D x 1465H, Int dims 1310W x 620D x 630H mm, stand included 680-900mm adjustable.

    (Used HEPA filters are included, but are excluded from our warranty)


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