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Other tube adapters avaliable upon request.

Sigma 4K15 Refrigerated Centrifuge with 4-Place Swing-Out Rotor.

    • Refrigerated table top centrifuge with built in refrigeration system.

    • Temperature control of rotors also during standstill. CFC-free refrigerant (R 404a).

    • Single-knob control with LCD-display.

    • Maintenance-free brushless drive motor with exact speed preselection and display. Speed range 100 to 13 500 rpm, accuracy 1 rpm.

    • Extremely smooth running even at maximum speed.

    • A microcontroller provides for preselection of gravitational field, speed, rotor, and time.

    • 20 acceleration and deceleration curves and 10 program memory locations are available.

    • Magnetic rotor identification prevents overspeeding rotors.

    • Product according to national and international safety regulations (IEC 1010).

    • Available with free programming of the centrifugation paramaters and 50 program memory locations as well.

    • Available for use with laboratory robot.

    • Available for use with cover opens via a linear drive

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