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Mettler XS603S Analytical Balance Excellence Series

  • Excellence XS precision balances are designed for highest efficiency in everyday operation. They combine speed, reliability and ease of use in a way never achieved before.These XS balances feature Fully Automatic Calibration Technology (FACT) from Mettler-Toledo. As temperatures change and influence the accuracy of the weighing result, FACT adjusts the balance automatically. Avoid time-consuming checks using external weights or a manually triggered internal adjustment. The SmartGrid® weighing pan is suspended into the weighing chamber to minimize air turbulence. It is fastened at the side so leaning the balances is easier than ever. The draft shield can also be completely dismantled. Optional weighing kit allows you to set up the balance to suit your specific weighing task and vessels. The kit includes ErgoClips® which are attachments for various weighing containers such as aluminum pans, round-bottomed flasks, test tubes, and weigh boats.

    • Backlit graphic display with touchscreen operation
    • FACT fully automatic temperature-controlled internal adjustment
    • Overload protection
    • Weighing pan made from stainless steel, with draft ring or draft shield depending on resolution
    • RS232 interface and two auxiliary connections built in. Slot for second freely selectable interface (7 options)
    • Protective cover for terminal and weighing platform
    • Feedthrough for below-the-balance weighing
    • Download software via the Internet
    • Display different weighing units
    • Formula-weighing application with security check, Dynamic weighing application
    • Percent-weighing application, Factor calculation
    • Alphanumeric identification, 3 IDs per sample
    • Communicate in 7 languages: e, g, f, i, sp, jap, russ


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