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Mettler AB54-S Analytical Balance Classic Series, 51g x 0.0001g

  • Mettler analytical balances provide fast and reliable weighing results for simple weighing applications at an optimum price-performance ratio. Sturdily built of high quality materials with a full metal housing and a high chemical resistance. The state-of-the-art MonoBloc weighing cell stands not only for accurate, reproducible weighing results over the full range of 51 to 320 g but also for permanent shock security and overload protection.
    Touch-key technology with large, sensitive keys, completely sealed against dirt and dust and amazingly simple to operate. Large draft shield opening for convenient access. Internal calibration at a touch ensures your quality. Easy to operate, large door opening and all-glass design allow convenient weighing-in. Built-in interface RS232 for data transfer to computers and printers. DR models include DeltaRange*, a ten times more accurate fine range that can be recalled any time throughout the full range when taring the balance.

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