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Mettler PG4002-S Top Pan Balance, 4100g x 0.1g, Internal Calibration

SKU: ULM5134
  • When precision, accuracy and ruggedness are required, the Precision Balance PG4002-S offers you the best of all three. The MonoBloc weighing cell technology guarantees highest weighing performance under all circumstances. 
    The chemically resistant housing and chassis construction, the extra large stainless steel weighing platform of 165 x 165 mm and the permanent overload protection show that this balance is designed for hard daily use. 
    Features such as the built-in RS232-C interface or the Fully Automatic Calibration/Adjustment FACT make PG5001-S an ideal precision balance for daily use in research laboratories and production areas, where accurate and reproducible results are important. 
    Features and Benefits

    • MonoBloc Technology: Guarantees best weighing performance and is extreme reliable due to high mechanical integration.
    • Automatic Calibration (FACT): For reproducible results, recommended when working with a QM system (GLP/GMP/ISO).
    • VFD-Display: Gives you best contrast and readability under all circumstances.
    • DeltaTrac: Analog filling guide, shows at a glance how much of the total weighing capacity is used, regardless of the weight value actually displayed.
    • RS232-C interface: For connection with systems and computer controlled applications as well with printer, auxiliary display and other peripherals.
    • Advanced weighing: Applications like Piece counting, simple formula weighing and animal weighing are already built-in.
    • Valuable options: Differential weighing software, extra-high draft shield, LocalCAN Universal Interface for multiple connection, printers, auxiliary display, anti-theft device and more.
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