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Blocks avaliable: Block B 54 x 0.5ml or Block C 96 x 0.2ml

(New) Bioer HB-202 Thermo Cell Digital Dri-Block Heater

  • Bioer HB-202 Thermocell Heating Block – heats samples very efficiently and is ideal for a variety of molecular biology and other laboratory procedures that require incubation. It offers a low cost solution for limited budgets where cooling is not required.
    Heating blocks, sometimes called dry block heaters are instruments providing a computer-controlled thermo-electric temperature environment for samples. A total of eight sample blocks are readily interchangeable to enable use of the heating block with a large variety of different tubes and plates.
    Programmable for up to 5 sequential steps of different temperature and duration
    Automatically adjusting (PID) control for temperature stability
    Wide temperature setting range
    Lightweight and compact design for portability
    Sample block design is easily removed for cleaning or replacement
    Optional water bath block for added application flexibility
    Peltier design provide thermal efficiency and reliability
    These heating blocks are suitable for use for sample preparation, enzyme preservation, enzyme substrate reactions, restriction enzyme digestions and many other applications in the laboratory.


    Temperature setting range: 10C-105C

    Temperature control range: +5C-100C

    Timing range: 1 min-99h 59min

    Temp. control accuracy: ≤±0.5C

    Display accuracy: ≤±0.5C

    Temperature uniformity: ≤±0.5C

    Heating time: ≤15 min (from 20C-100C)

    Dimensions (mm) (l x w x h): 300 x 200 x 150

    Net weight: 2.8kg

    Power supply: AC 220V; 50Hz; 120W

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