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New Brunswick/Eppendorf 42R Refrigerated Incubator Shaker

  • Product Description

    • Cast iron triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive provides years of robust operation
    • Stackable units up to two high to save space in the lab
    • Includes programmable parameters which can automatically change temperature, speed, and optional photosynthetic and UV germicidal light at timed intervals
    • Massive viewing window and internal light allow easy viewing of samples while leaving the door closed

    The New Brunswick Innova series of incubated shakers provide the most flexibility of any shaker on the market.  Designed for use on the benchtop or on the floor, the double stacking ability gives users double the capacity while only requiring the footprint of a single unit. The Innova 42/42R can accommodate up to 4 liters.  Microprocessor controls allows the user to fine tune temperature to create the optimal environment for all samples.  The Innova 42/42R are manufactured with a durable cast iron housing to ensure durability and provide vibration free runs. Many accessories are available for the Innova 42 and 42R to users including a culture drawer, gassing manifold, and humidity probe.  Photosynthetic and UV germicidal light are available in the 42R model only.

    Technical Specifications

    Speed range 25 – 400 rpm; 25 – 300 rpm when stacked and using flasks larger than 500 mL
    Temperature range (Non-refrigerated Model) Ambient +5 °C to 80 °C
    Temperature range (Refrigerated Model) 20 °C below ambient to 80 °C
    Temperature uniformity ±0.25 °C at 37 °C
    Platform size 18 × 18 in
    Timer 0.01 – 99.59 h, continuous
    Audible and visual alarms Yes
    Motor type Solid state, DC brushless motor
    Memory Nonvolatile with automatic power failure restart
    Internal convenience light Yes
    Available program modes Constant speed and temperature
    Programmable multi-stepsRS-232 communication port
    Dimensions (in.) 32.3×29.7×32.3 (WxDxH)
    Shipping Weight (Non-refrigerated Model) 217 (lbs.)
    Shipping Weight (Refrigerated Model) 267 (lbs.)
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