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Includes one of the following disks 32 x 1.5ml, 16 x 15ml or 8 x 50ml.

(New) FINEPCR AG Rotator

£585.00 Regular Price
£450.00Sale Price
  • Adjustable speed and angle of rotation
    ∙ Durable construction for long-term operation

    Common facts

    ∙ Various speed and adjustable mixing angle 0°~90°

    ∙ Continuous or timed operation

    ∙ Wide choice of accessories to be used, including conical tubes,

       bottles and 250ml flasks

    ∙ Add up to 2disks together for application

    ∙ LED display (shown actual speed or time)

    An examples to use

    ∙ Bacteria / Yeast calture (small scale)

    ∙ Genomic DNA prepararation

    ∙ Plasmid preparation

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