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Sartorius CP3202S Competance Series Balance, 3200g x 0.1g

SKU: ULS5135
    • Excellent, easy-to-read backlit display with especially large digits
    • Monolithic weigh cell technology – rugged, precise, reliable – year after year
    • Integrated mechanical components that effectively protect the weigh cell – from overloading or impact against the sides of the weighing pan
    • Rugged housing construction and use of housing materials that are highly resistant to chemicals – as a result, the balance can stand up to tough daily use
    • RS-232 serial interface port
    • ISO/GLP-compliant logging of calibration, adjustment and weighing data using an optional data printer or a PC
    • Large weighing pan, 190 x 204 mm
    • Four digital filter levels allow the balance to be optimally adapted to the particular ambient conditions at the place of installation
    • Built-in application programs: counting, weighing in %, net-total formulation; animal weighing; mass unit conversion by toggling between 2 units
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