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Sorvall Legend RT Refrigerated Centrifuge with a 4-Place Swing-Out Rotor

  • The Thermo Scientific Sorvall® Legend® T Plus and RT Plus Centrifuge Series delivers unprecedented speed and capacity together with the widest range of rotors and adapters available for a premium three-litre centrifuge.

    Supporting both research and clinical separation needs, our Sorvall Legend T Plus and RT Plus Series easily accommodates blood collection tubes, conical tubes, flasks, and microtubes, while four ultra-light carbon rotors allow you to process more samples more quickly than ever before --freeing you to focus on results. Unmatched versatility, exceptional throughput.

    • Nine swinging-bucket rotor configurations and seven fixed-angle rotors give the Sorvall Legend T Plus and RT Plus unmatched versatility, making it a cost-effective investment for any lab.

    • Rotor systems designed to handle up to 108 x 5/7 ml blood collection tubes, 28x50 ml conical tubes or 6x250 ml bottles in a single run allow you to achieve greater levels of productivity.

    Unsurpassed productivity with high-capacity accessories

    • New carbon fiber rotors from FIBERLite® provide an advanced alternative to traditional metal rotors. Lightweight and easy to handle, these rotors generate less wear on the centrifuge motor and are resistant to corrosion, fatigue and repeated autoclaving.

    • Spin up to 14 x 50ml conical tubes in a single run.

    • Achieve superspeed performance with RCFs up to 24000xg on the benchtop.

    • Safely perform high RCF, single-step separations using sterile, disposable conical tubes.

    Enhanced user and sample safety

    • The SMARTspin® imbalance detection system allows for eye balancing of samples with automatic termination of a run if excessive imbalance occurs.

    • Automatic rotor recognition ensures precise rotor performance while preventing the use of incorrect accessories or parameters.

    Modular, ergonomic design

    • The low deck height – just 12” high -- allows for easy loading and unloading of samples.

    • The unique soft-touch lid effortlessly clicks into place for worry-free centrifugation.

    User-friendly operation

    • The EASYsetTM soft-touch keypad allows for one-touch control of speed, programming and pre-cooling functions.

    • A bright, easy-to-read LED display allows easy monitoring from across the lab.

    Exceptional reliability

    • The brushless induction drive system of the Sorvall Legend T Plus and RT Plus guarantees years of dependable performance with minimal maintenance along with whisper-quiet operation and powerful acceleration and braking.

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