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Tube adapters available subject to availability

Thermo Centra CL3R Refrigerated Centrifuge with a 4-Place Swing-Out Rotor

  • The Thermo IEC Centra CL3R is a large capacity refrigerated centrifuge used for a wide range of everyday lab processes.  This benchtop centrifuge combines performance and safety all in one compact design.  The instrument operates off of a whisper quiet motor and uses intuitive microprocessor controls to set up runs.  The Thermo Centra CL3R centrifuge comes equipped with a four place swinging bucket rotor used for spinning larger capacity samples.  The instrument allows you to program up to 99 different protocols allowing you to increase productivity.  The centrifuge is widely used in clinical labs throughout the world, but can seamlessly work in any research and development laboratory as well.  Moreover, the Thermo IEC Centra CL3R is ideal for tissue culture, cell culture, clinical testing and research applications.  The CL3R Refrigerated Centrifuge has a maximum speed of 8500rpm (6,650 x g) with a fixed angle rotor and runs at a top 4000rpm (3,200 x g) with a swing out rotor.  Temperature range is -9°C to 40°C. There are two acceleration and three deceleration rates to choose from and the runs can go as long as 99 minutes.  The Thermo IECE Centra CL3R is a reliable centrifuge that will accommodate your everyday needs. 

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