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You will need a PC with Windows XP and a RS232 port to be able to run the software.

Thermo Evolution 600 Double Beam Scanning UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

  • Thermo Evolution 600 Double Beam Scanning UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, PC Control, with Smart Thermostic Linear 8 cell changer.


    - Scan: Abs, %T or 1-4th Derivative; Zoom, Track, Peak Pick, Overlay

    - Standard Curve: Up to 20 Standards

    - Fixed Wavelength: Up to 20 wavelengths; Abs, %T or 1-4th directive Concentration; Ratio and Corrected Ratio

    - Kinetics: Serial/Parallel Rate

    - Multicomponent Analysis: Up to 20 components

    - Advanced Results Calculation

    Evolution 600 Series PC control systems

    • Includes 401317263061 RS232 cable

    • Includes operating software (VISIONpro)

    • Requires Windows PC computer with CD reader and Windows 2000 Professional / XP Professional

    VISIONpro PC software (single license)

    • Scan: Absorbance, log10A, %T, %R, 1st-4th derivative with Post-collection data processing

    • Fixed: Up to 10 wavelengths in Normal, +, -, x, / or Peak Height modes

    • Quant: Up to 50 standards, 3 replicates, 4 curve fits in Single wavelength, reference wavelength, dual wavelength, peak height or factor modes

    • Multicomponent Analysis: Up to 20 standards, 20 components

    • Advanced result calculation applies mathematical functions to multiple batches, samples or standards

    • Advanced report composer

    • Includes:

    - VISIONpro User Manual

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