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Angelantoni Platinum 340 -85°C Freezer, 340L

  • Angelantoni Platinum 340 -85°C Freezer, 340L capacity, 3 inner doors, 304 stainless steel interior, with key operated door lock and chart recorder.

    CAPACITY: 322 Litres capacity

    TEMPERATURE RANGE: Adjustable from -40°C to -85°C



    External: 750W x 920D x 2000H mm

    Internal: 450W x 530D x 1350H mm

    NET WEIGHT: 240 Kg

    SUPPLY VOLTAGE: 230 V +6% -10% / 1 / 50 Hz

    NOISE: 53db approx. measured from 1 m. of distance


    * Command/indication for on/off chamber.

    * Commands to set temperature range (min and max).

    * Command/indication on/off alarm system.

    * LED indication alarm system intervention.

    * Decimal indication display of internal temperature (decimal point).

    * Display lighting indication for open door.

    * Display code indication for broken sensors and defrost system.


    Audible and visual alarm system, independent from the control system for:

    * Over/under temperature.

    * Power failure.

    * Open door (after 40 seconds, that door stay open).

    * Predisposition for remote alarm system.

    * Test alarm for: battery status; LED alarm status; remote alarm status.

    * Indication for memory alarm on status (with alarm back to normal condition)

    display code indication for broken alarm sensor.

    The maximum and minimum alarm values are settable by the control panel.

    The system is autonomous and complete with its own automatic rechargeable battery (12V).

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