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(Like New) Grant Bio ES80 Bench Top Orbital Incubator Shaker

  • (Used, Like New) Grant Bio ES80 Bench Top Orbital Incubator Shaker, digital control of time, temperature and shaking speed for accuracy and repeatability variable speed 50 to 250 rpm, temperature range +25°C to +80°C, load up to 8 kg, interchangeable platforms for shaking/incubating different vessels, temperature control by microprocessor plus forced heated air circulation ensure a constant and even temperature within the chamber, robust, compact construction with stainless steel inside chamber, equipped with direct drive shaking system for reliable, long-term operation, simple to programme time, 1 minute to 96 hours or non-stop, state-of the art motor, thermal insulation materials and temperaturePID-control decreases the energy consumption, external dims 510H x 525D x 590H mm, includes Dedicated Platform with flask clamps, holds 9 x 500ml flasks.

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