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Panasonic MDF-U5412H Plasma -40°C Freezer, 487L Capacity

  • Panasonic MDF-U5412H Plasma -40°C Freezer, 487L Capacity.
    • Direct cooling system for uniform temperature control (MDF-U5412H)
    • Two high and low doors with Doorlock and double locking latch
    • Visual and audible alarms of power cut, high temperature and low temperature adjustable from +/- 5 °C to +/- 15 °C
    • Visual alarm of thermal probe anomaly (MDF-U5412H)
    • Dry contacy for an external alarm-relay
    • An access port allows external temperature monitoring
    • Standard comes with 6 large drawers on the upper part and 8 small drawers on the lower part for MDF-U5412H model

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