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Eppendorf 5415R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge, max speed 13,200rpm

  • Refrigerated model, 0 - 40°C, maintains 4 °C at maximum speed. Fast-cool function for pre-cooling centrifuge and rotor to 4°C in less than 16 minutes. Motorised latch-lid.
    Ideal workhorse for the lab, featuring easy-to-use control knobs, and digital display of time and speed/g-force.
    • Compact footprint - fits on a crowded bench
    • Brushless motor; maintenance-free operation
    • Spins up to 13,200 rpm; 16,110 × g
    • Quick acceleration and deceleration
    • Quiet operation (<60 dB)
    • Adjustable-speed short-spin button-ideal for quick spins
    • Accepts 2 interchangeable rotors,each with a see-through polypropylene lid
    • Meets International safety standards for centrifuges (IEC 1010-2-020)


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